Now, we'll start by saying: we love us some Freeride World Tour. For what seems like the billionth time we've said it, it's the closest thing snowboarding has to a true world tour. Open qualification system, legitimately legendary destinations (Alaska, Chamonix, Verbier), riders signed on for the whole tour rather than the stops of their choosing, blah, blah, BLAH. In short - fuck yes FWT.

However, what it lacks are truly big names. It's all well and good getting the usual crew together, but when the top tier of competitive freeriders don't stack up to what the big dogs are doing on video, it can all seem a bit tame at times.

Last year that changed when Travis Rice came along and stole the show at a qualifying event last year with a BEAST of a run, the first ever held in Japan. Now, with the first stop of the actual tour being held in Japan, it was time to get some more legends on the scorecards.

Gigi Rüf. Tadashi Fuse. Mic. Drop. Signed on as wildcard entries on what was already going to be a pretty wild event, now the opening broadcast will feature live Gigi. The weather window is from the 20th to the 27th of January - see you there!