When: Thu 1st of January 1970

Where: Munich, Germany

Danny Burrows visited the Film-Up finals, in Munich, with trepidation, as its reputation for descending into a no-holds-barred booze-up has become legendary among the snowboarding fraternity.

As I walked towards the Muffathalle club in downtown Munich I was under no illusion that I was in for an easy night. The shattered beer bottles and stumbling pairs of snowboarders battling gravity and the effects of alcohol should have been proof enough, but I had also read and heard far too many accounts of drunken antics to be under any illusions.

As I entered the main hall my worst fears were confirmed. A mass of riders and skiers writhed under a downpour of beer as the big screens flickered with images of kickers, snow and more snow. The stage on which the maker of this masterpiece had descended into complete anarchy. There was only one way out of here and that was via the bar and a skin full of drink.

A mass of riders and skiers writhed under a downpour of beer.

Crews of riders and filmers had submitted their movies into the national leg of Filmup and those who were showing in Munich were the international finalist. The field of contestants was dominated by German speaking entrants, as might be expected from an organisation that has its roots in Austria, but there were films showing from as far a field as Sweden.

The thing to remember at Filmup is that all entries are amateur creations and therefore the action and film technique is not quite as good as those which we as seasoned industry folk are accustomed to watching. However there were some creative scripts on view; standouts included Mrs. Kay, Trust Issue from the Zillertal posse Die Gangster, and Daily Routine, all of which placed in the top three.

My personal favourite was Mrs. Kay, which stared a rather stunning blond as the teacher of a rowdy crowd of snowboard kids. Shallow I know, but then the schoolmistress fantasy is an easy sell to the testosterone charged rider.

The schoolmistress fantasy is an easy sell to the testosterone charged rider.

As the sun rose and the dregs of the party stumbled into the car park to sleep, make out or rummage in there cars for something else to drink, I have to admit that I had had a fun night out on the tiles and seen perhaps one or two of the future stars of snowboarding both on their boards or behind cameras. Filmup is about having fun and being creative. It is snowboarding in the raw.

  • 3.) "Daily Routine" for beautiful pictures and subtle filming
  • 2.) "Mrs. Kay" by Die Lokals
  • 1.) "Trust Issue" by Die Gangster from Zillertal

Additional winners are two lads for the "Best Rider Awards" sponsored by Fischer und Nitro the future pro skier "Flo Geyer" from the film "Finding Pictures" and Stefan Pilko from Leogang.