Check out the top three men's and women's slopestyle (this page) and halfpipe (next page) runs from the 2014 Burton High Fives at Cardona, New Zealand.


The Burton High Fives is more than just your run of the mill snowboard contest. Before the snowboarding kicked off, sixty of the world's finest snowboarders were sorted into teams, before getting stuck into a whole host of fun challenges including MINI off-road driving, in a bid to score points for their team and walk away with a $70,000 USD team award.

The weather was not playing nice on the day of the slopestyle finals with strong winds making it difficult for the riders to throw down their biggest tricks, but nevertheless, there was some great riding.

Jamie Anderson continued her golden streak, putting down the best run of the day to claim the top spot on the podium. Her run included a frontside wallride to a backside nose slide into a backside tailslide, 50-50 backside 180 out off the cannon rail into a cab 540, frontside 360 and a huge back side 540.

Young Japanese ripper Miyabi Onitsuka did enough for second with a solid run that included a super tech cab 270 on to regular in the rail section. Local girl Christy Prior took home the bronze.

Norwegian powerhouse Emil Ulsletten posted the highest scoring run right off the bat in the men's competition. His run consisted of a 50-50 to boardslide to fakie, followed by a switch tailslide 270 out from off the top of the second wallride. Coming through the rail section he continued with a cab 270 boardslide to fakie into a huge frontside bluntslide 450 off the cannon rail, followed by a frontside 900, switch backside 1260 and a rarely seen frontside Rodeo 1080.

Young Canadian Darcy Sharpe took home the silverware with Yuki Kadono taking third.

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Burton High Fives 2014 Slopestyle Results:


1st: Jamie Anderson (USA)

2nd: Miyabi Onitsuka (JPN)

3rd: Christy Prior (NZ)


1st: Emil Ulsletten (NOR)

2nd: Darcy Sharpe (CAN)

3rd: Yuki Kadono (JPN)

[part title="Emil Ulsletten, Jamie Anderson, Yiwei Zeng and Chloe Kim Win the Burton High Fives 2014 Slopestyle and Halfpipe Events - Halfpipe Highlights"]


It was another day of variable weather conditions for Halfpipe finals at the 2014 Burton High Fives and although the visibility was low at times, the amplitude that the riders managed was anything but.

14 year old halfpipe prodigy Chloe Kim reminded us all of why she is definitely the one to watch this season with a progressive first run that stuck at the top of the scoreboard for the duration of the contest. In it, she stomped a a massive backside air, a frontside 540, McTwist, and a corked frontside 720 before finishing with an impressive corked cab 720.

Chinese charger Xuetong Cai landed her last run clean to put her in second place, while Hikaru Ooe took third place with an 85.40.

The men had similar low-visibility conditions to deal with but that didn't stop Chinese rider Yiwei Zhang from going absolutely massive. His first place run included a frontside 1080, cab double cork 1080, double cork 900, corked backside 540 and a frontside double cork 1080, marking the first time that a Chinese rider has ever finished first in any international snowboarding competition.

Irish/American rider Seamus O'Connor finished up in second with Nathan Johnstone rounding out the podium in third.

While the weather could have been more cooperative for the 2014 edition of the Burton High Fives, there was definitely no shortage of solid snowboarding and overall it was a great start to the upcoming 14/15 snowboard season.

Burton High Fives 2014 Halfpipe Results:


1st: Chloe Kim (USA)

2nd: Xuetong Kai (CHN)

3rd: Hikaru Ooe (JPN)


1st: Yiwei Zeng (CHN)

2nd: Seamus O'Connor (IRL)

3rd: Nathan Johnstone (AUS)