When: 28 March 2009.

Where: Thyon-Les-Collons, Switzerland.

Despite the once again rather lousy meteorological conditions, Welshnight - Edition 3.0 was one big success! over 40 motivated riders didn't give a damn about the weather and made their way up to the Thyon snowpark and enjoyed a chilled out night-session on the various illuminated obstacles and were chased by a bunch of photographers, all eager to take home the best-photo-award and win a ticket for the Montreux Jazz Festival last evening sponsored by eleven. The Supermafia’s nightclub-style light-show supported by DJ G-Bart’s deep beats and Orange Dub’s crazy electro set made sure also the spectators got their party going.

The illuminated main obstacles consisted of a 15 meter kicker, followed by a straight rail, an up-gap-down rail and, of course, the DJ cabin, which was redesigned into a butter-platform and at the same time served as screen for some crazy VJ action.

Riders such Joël Strecker, Darius Heristchian, Yvan Mettrailler, Radim Cada, Paul Dreher, Stefan Pfister and many others pushed the level in snowboarding and freeski and created an international atmosphere.

The session ended with a great party at the underground club starring DJs Orange Dub, G-Bart, Elroy and all sorts of different drinks you can imagine.

Thanks to everybody who joined in, it was great having all you guys up there. a special shout-out goes to Manou and Evans who did an amazing job shaping the park, and of course Télé-Thyon for their support.

Check out the video of the night below.

eleven welshnight session 3.0 Uploaded by artabantv