In most normal circumstances when it come down to publicly voted contests, we'd encourage everyone out there to make their own decisions and vote for who they think is best. But with this year's Real Snow contest, just this once, we're kind of throwing that mentality out with the dishwater.

Why? Because Eiki Helgason, the token European in the contest has made it all the way to the finals and is all tied up with Frank April (and if you didn't already realise, we are a European snowboard magazine after all).

Don't get us wrong, Frank's part is freaking nuts, but in this situation we have to root for our our homeboy.

So take another look at the parts above and head to the link below to cast your final votes (you can vote once per day). *cough* Vote for Eiki and for the first ever European winner of X Games Real Snow! *cough*

Vote here! -->