As well as playing host to one of Europe's best summer glacier parks, Les Deux Alpes kicks off each winter with France's finest openings: Enjoy The Glacier. This year, as well as sliding alongside the likes of Arthur Longo, Victor Daviet, Victor De le Rue and Vale Ducourtil, attendees could also test out a range of the coming season's boards, enter a bunch of amateur comps and even get tattooed, all for the cost of a €23.50 day pass.

With all this in mind we had to head down, joining the likes of Sparrow Knox, Tyler Chorlton and Jesse Augustinus as foreign invaders to this French fiesta. The Saturday saw locals and visitors attacking the rail garden and channel-gapped quarter pipes, attempting tricks for cash, chosen at random by the MC. Benihanas, backscratchers and McTwists went down with Sparrow taking home enough for a down-payment on a house, thanks in part to his endless energy.

The whole hoard the descended Jandri Express to catch the premiere of Almo Film's new production audiovisuelle Comfort Zone, with stars De Le Rue, Sylvain Bourbousson and Jerome Tanon all in attendance.

With a fully-stoked and packed out theatre piling out into town afterwards, chaos ensued, meaning that Sunday's 'hangover contest' was perfectly placed in the weekend's schedule. Due to our own rhumerie-induced blend of headaches and nausea, we're hazy on the details here, but as we limped off and headed home somehow Sparrow, Augustinus, Anthony Brotto and the Rusty Toothbrush's Alex Stewart were still persevering through theirs.

The glacier is still open for another two weeks, before it closes and re-opens as an entire mountain for the winter on the 5th December - why don't you go join them?


Photos: Matt Georges & Sarah Moussaknaoui