There are still plenty more dates left on the Blue Parks Kids Tour for 2016. Next up is Åre, Sweden on the 27th Feb. Take a look at the rest of the dates below and check the gallery of shots to get an idea of what has gone down at each event so far.

27th Feb - Åre - SWE

2nd Mar - Åre - SWE

6th Mar - Sthlm, Hammarbybacken - SWE

9th Mar - Åre - SWE

19th Mar - Flachauwinkl, Absolut Park – AUT

26-28th Mar - Steinplatte (Final Alps) + Spring Weekend, Camp – AUT

1-3rd Apr - Kläppen (Final) + Spring Weekend, Camp – SWE

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The Following participate in Blue Parks Kids Tour:


2000-2002 Girls Snowboard

2000-2002 Girls ski

2000-2002 Boys Snowboard

2000-2002 Boys Ski

2005-2003 Girls Snowboard

2005-2003 Girls Ski

2005-2003 Boys Snowboard

2005-2003 Boys Ski

2006-2015 Girls Snowboard

2006-2015 Girls Ski

2006-2015 Boys Snowboard

2006-2015 Boys Ski


9.00 Registration

9-10.45 Practicing runs

10.45 Riders meeting

11.00 First start – youngest first hereinafter all competitors make their first run

13.00 Second run (can be earlier)

15.00 (About) End of competition

16.00 (About) Results and prize ceremony

And we have prize for all participants. One for all and all for one!