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Danny Davis claimed his second X Games gold medal in a row last night, stomping a flawless third and final run that topped 2nd and 3rd place finishers Taku Hiraoka and Iouri Podladtchikov.

Superpipe finals at Winter X Games 2015 were a real eye-opener, with young up-and-comers throwing down alongside some of the biggest names in snowboarding, and what we witnessed, was a changing of the guard of sorts.

Shaun White was back riding the pipe, but despite going massive, was only able to do enough for 4th place. Young Japanese prodigy Ayumu Hirano had a new trick up his sleeve - a cab 1440 double cork, while Iouri Podladtchikov did enough on his first run to stick it out in 3rd place for the duration of the comp.

Japanese rider Taku Hiraoka went massive all evening to land himself in second, but all the talk yesterday was about one man: Danny Davis.

Danny was consistently putting out some of the most stylish tricks of the evening, with back to back 360s, switch methods and mctwists making his runs an absolute joy to watch. At the time of his third and final run, Danny was sitting behind Shaun, Iouri and Taku in 4th place, but put down one of the smoothest and most technical runs when it counted to post a score of 93.66 - enough for first place.

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Winter X Games 2015 Men’s Superpipe Results:

1st: Danny Davis (USA)

2nd: Taku Hiraoka (JPN)

3rd: Iouri Podladtchikov (SUI)

4th: Shaun White (USA)

5th: David Hablützel (SUI)

6th: Ayumu Hirano (JPN)

7th: Yiwei Zhang (CHN)

8th: Gabe Ferguson (USA)

Olympic gold medallist Iouri Podladtchikov stomped back to back to back double corks after a monstrous backside air to post a score of 89.00, which was enough for 3rd place.

Taku Hiraoka opened up with an absolutely massive frontside five that topped the 19 foot mark, before continuing his amplitude and technicality for the remainder of his run. This run was enough for second place.

Danny Davis dropped in on his third and final run with everything still to do. The resulting run was an absolute belter: McTwist, frontside 900, super tech backside 720 into his infamous switch backside air before finishing up with cab 1080 into frontside 1080. It may not have been the highest run of the evening overall, but the technicality, style and flair that he showed was second to none.

We're hyped that the man currently on top of halfpipe snowboarding is one bringing style and individuality back to pipe riding.

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Despite rumours after the Olympics that Shaun White would be retiring from competitive riding, snowboarding's most marmite character was back ripping the U-ditch.

While he didn't quite put down the run of his former glory days, Shaun was going as big as ever, and we have to admit it was good to see him back on his board.

Check out some of the best bits from the Winter X Games Men's Superpipe finals in this highlights reel.