[splitpost intro="true"]With Saturday's X Games slopestyle competition turning into one of the most insane and progressive (if not a touch too gymnastic) showcases of freestyle snowboarding we've ever seen, it was as refreshing as the smell after it rains to see the judges at last night's halfpipe contest rewarding both technicality AND style.

Danny Davis put down what was arguably one of the most epic pipe runs in X Games history, filled with the kind of tricks that we're sure Terje and Nicolas Müller would approve of whole-heartedly (and not just because they ride for Burton).


Massive backside 360, switch freakin' method, 1080s, double corks and a bloody brilliant McTwist all featured in his run and we couldn't be more stoked to see Danny getting rewarded for going big and and keeping it styley. Danny will be representing the United States at Sochi and we know he'll keeping it real and packing the style in his Sochi suitcase as well.

Louie Vito ended his recent contest slump and put down a solid run with back-to-back-to-back-to-back doubles (make of that what you will) for second place, while Greg Bretz, the only dude who has beaten Shaun White in the pipe this season, rode away from a stonker for third place.

Check the full results below and click through to watch the top three runs:

1 Danny Davis R37.66 R95.00 93.66 95.00
2 Louie Vito R10.66 R93.00 16.00 93.00
3 Greg Bretz R89.33 R87.00 21.33 89.33
4 Scotty James R65.00 R85.33 88.00 88.00
5 Ben Ferguson R49.33 R87.00 43.33 87.00
6 Iouri Podladtchikov R30.00 R31.00 83.33 83.33
7 Yiwei Zhang R81.66 R26.00 52.00 81.66
8 Benji Farrow R23.33 6.66 59.00 59.00

[part title="3rd Place: Greg Bretz"]

Greg Bretz's run featured back to back double corks and big floaty 1080s that looked more like 540s. It was enough to bag him third place.

[part title="2nd Place: Louie Vito"]

Louie Vito loves to double cork. His run had like four of them in it and the judges deemed it worthy of second place.

[part title="1st Place: Danny Davis"]

Danny Davis went bigger than anyone else and mixed style with technicality to take his first ever X Games gold medal.