Just in case you missed the call, which is very unlikely, this is our last reminder: the Poney Session number 12 is happening next Thursday (20th to 23rd of March) in Saint-Lary-Soulan (Pyrenees, France), and it's going to be dope, and for many reasons.

From March 20th to 23rd, fifty international riders will compete in a colourful slopestyle set up with this year's theme: "La Renaissance". An event sponsored by local Saint-Lary rider, Count Victor de le Rue! Victor will have a dedicated Jib/Street module, the VDLR Garden.

Around 50 international riders, including some of Europe's elite like Sami Luhtanen, Simon Gruber, Gerome Mathieu, Victor Daviet, and some US and Canada guys lik eTyler Nicholson and Ozzy Henning, will jam session the Saint-Lary park which has been seriously lifted for the occasion, and the very special VDLR Garden - cash for tricks spot. Check them out:

The pro line.
The VDLR Garden.

But that's far from being all. The Da Kine Poney Session, a 4-star WST event, is also a live music event, a live painting event, and a skate event: four days of great snow show, with live art exhibitions, best tricks skate contest and fantastic electro/rock parties.

For those who have missed the release of the 2014 teaser, or those who want to have the feeling of the event, here's the trailer again:

Parties are also definately a must at the Poney session, so here are the posters/flyers of the 2 epic nights to come, as well as the link to pre-order your tickets for those parties. First party Friday night: Jackson and his Computer Band, Perfect Hand Crew, Sharky... Second party Saturday night: DJ Pone, Dedicated Nothing, Moi Moi... Heavy!


The Poney Session is supported by Da Kine, Monster, Carlsberg, Saint-Lary, Altiservice and Sosh.

The official 2014 poster.