If you can get past the slightly cheesy web-news format here - this is actually pretty rad. You might have already seen Corey Smith's Spring Break collabs this year with ThirtyTwo and Capita - well he's also teamed up legendary rider and graphic designer Mike Parillo to bring together this show in LA. Neon Daze & Winter Waves.

The collection brings together mad powder-surfer designs and artwork from top names and artist. With the idea to design a set of boards that celebrate the roots of snowboarding - taking something fun and home-made out to shred some powder.

All the powder-sticks have been built and shaped by Mike Parillo and Corey Smith, with designers including Jeremy Jones, Nick Russian, Pat Moore, Brian Iguchi, Travis Rice, Kevin Pearce and more - as well as surfers Nathan Fletcher, Gerry Lopez and Ian Walsh.

If you hurry, you might still be able to bag one of these boards at Asymbol - they might cost a pretty penny, but a cut of the proceeds goes to charity, so you can sleep easy.