The online Community Cup Video Qualifier took place from April-May 2015. With a chance to compete alongside the worlds best female snowboarders and Olympians, ladies from all over the world submitted videos to try to win a semi-final spot into Community Cup 2016 Big Air event at Keystone Resort. The polls are now closed and a solid podium of winners of different categories have been selected by our legendary women’s judge panel, including Tara Dakides, Susie Floros, Erin Comstock, Chanelle Sladics and Barrtt Christy.

The “Tara Dakides Legendary pick" was no surprise, she chose 21 year old Slovakian up and coming rider, Klaudia Medlova, who recently landed the first ever double backside rodeo at the Nine Queens in Austria. “The double back rodeo is definitely my pick - difficulty, style and size. It's all there, " say Tara Dakides. Klaudia showed the judges technicality, execution and how to ride like a boss and ended up also walking away with the Kicker Audio “Livin Loud" award, Best Style presented by Taylor Guitars and Best GoPro moment!

“What a great platform for girls to promote there riding and earn a spot to compete with the best. I really enjoyed watching all the videos that were submitted and I look forward to seeing more from those girls. Congrats to all of you, you all brought something great to the table. Don't forget to show your support by promoting Community Cup on your social outlets so we can keep great contest like these going," say Tara Dakides.

The ladies who climbed their way to the top of the podium, was Klaudia Medlova in first, Charlotte Van Gils from the Nederland's in second and Mahala Mullins out of New Zealand in third. Mahala Muellins showed the judges that great style and technical tricks also comes from down under and secured her 3rd place finish with an underflip and a nicely executed 720, behind Klaudia and Charlotte.

“Charlotte has so many tricks on lock and she have been pushing women’s snowboarding for many years now. I remember her attempting 1260’s at the European X-Games about three years ago. Her submission set the pace and surely inspired the other ladies to submit their best tricks," says Co-founder of Community Cup Kjersti Buaas. Charlotte VanGils out of the Nederland's impressed the judges with her back to back 720’s on 65+ foot kickers.

“There were some really good videos submitted," says Barrett Christy. “I'm stoked to see girls pushing their tricks and style progression to earn a spot among the best women slopestyle riders for next years Big Air!" “Barrett Christy Legendary pick" went to 23 year old Carla Somani out of Switzerland "I loved the underflip and she did two of my favourite tricks."

“It’s so great to see both routined and up and comers in this contest," says founder of Community Cup Chanelle Sladics. "We are very impressed with the videos that got submitted and the judges expressed that it was not easy to pick the winners of each category. Since its birth, Community Cup has focused on style and progression. We believe that when style is in the actual judging criteria, the riders will automatically start putting intention into their style and the sport will continue to grow with more authenticity, art and creativity."

The online world is growing rapidly and makes room for a different kind of snowboard contest to live and exist. “With the snowboard industry being at an all time financial low, we see more riders without sponsors than ever before and less competitions, especially female specific," says Kjersti Buaas. “We created this online contest to provide more opportunity for ladies all over the world to get exposed, who might not have the financial backing they need to travel to contests and share their riding. We aim to give these ladies access to a contest designed for their success and hope to elevate exposure for women's snowboarding."

The online contest also had a “People’s Pick" podium celebrating the videos that were most watched and highest ranked. By excluding top three finishers from the main event, we have opened up the stage for some fresh faces to be exposed. Out of Canada first and second place respectively, Kiersten Higginson and Gillian Andrewshenko and in third position Lia-Mara Bosch of Switzerland.



1st Klaudia Medlova SVK

2nd Charlotte Van Gils NED

3rd Mahalah Mullins NZL


Klaudia Medlova SVK


Klaudia Medlova SVK


Klaudia Medlova SVK


Klaudia Medlova SVK


Carla Somaini SUI

• “READERS CHOICE PODIUM PICKS" (excluded Main Event Winners)

1st Kiersten Higginson CAN

2nd Gillan Andrewshenko CAN

3rd Lia-Mara Bosch SUI