When: Sat 7th of February 2009

Where: Heubach in the Heart of Germany

If you think about snowboarding in Germany the mountains in the southern part of the country first come up in your mind. But as Onboard just discovered recently, East Germany (former GDR) has lot of shredding potential to offer. Therefore we have also heard about a community in the heart of Germany that hosts a park which doesn´t need to hide behind its relatives in the big mountains. The place I am talking about is Heubach, a small village about 350 k´s North of Munich.

Despite our poor season in the middle of Germany so far but due to freezy sunny weather, the liftboys produced tons of snow for the funpark! So with some effort the shaper crew was able to build some nice obstacles, e.g. a london gap, a spine, a sweet kickerline and some jib options. Perfect for last weekend´s 1star TTR stop of the Chill&Destroy tour.

In the qualifying around 70 boys and girls were shredding the hell out of this park, trying to impress the judges from Austria. Most of them have travelled from far away, e.g. the mountainless Hamburg and Ruhrpott where ski domes provide new talents, but there was even a competitor from the „real mountains“ , from Innsbrooklyn – Thomas Fimmel, who also won the men´s competion in the end and earned himself not only a precious TTR point but also a ticket for the Chill&Destroy finals in Switzerland, Arosa. There were also a lot of locals attended, like the dudes from Harte Kante (Sharp Edge)!

My personal experience in Heubach was very positive. Even if you´re a stranger everybody will welcome you with open arms. The small community there is always happy to meet some new shredheads who love snowboarding as much as they do. And when the sun comes out the place turns into a small heaven for snowboarders!

So what are you waiting for? The mould wine and the Thüringer Rostbratwurst (a special regional sausage) are already waiting for you!

Snowboard men: 1. Place: Thomas Fimmel 2. Place: Henning Rabe 3. Place: Toni Kurschat

Snowboard girls: 1. Place: Jana Eichorn 2. Place: Sandra Hinnobert 3. Place: Johanna Blum

Snowboard kids (under 16): 1. Place: Maximilian Öttl 2. Place: Julian Bochmann 3. Place: Moritz Birkendahl

More information about the park you can find at www.welovesnow.de and for the Chill&Destroy tour at www.chillanddestroy.com

Local supporters: Orange Jungle and www.eiszeit.org

Live on the ground: Onboard intern Panteleimon Mavromatidis