When: Sun 1st of March 2009

Where: Flachauwinkl, Austria

On 28th February to 1st March a charity weekend for kids took place in Flachauwinkl. organized and supported by the boardsports brand LOVE.

In coorporation with Flachauwinkl and Blue Tomato ten kids in care from the childrenĀ“s home in Stiefern was offered a 2 days snowboard trip. Those kids were teached by teamriders from LOVE, like Seppi Scholler, Marc Swoboda, Ditz Pirchler and Dominik Wagner.

With temperatures showing us that spring is just around the corner and bluebird skys the beginners had the best conditions to slide down the babyhill and the advanced youngsters got a special freestyle programme.

"Basically we created this event to offer those kids a really nice time and some special moments. I hope we were successful" brandowner and organisator Seppi Scholler and his partner Pizzi Petrovsky told us. "This event was a complete success, so we decided to continue next year, for sure!"