wsd15 gg

Spend WSD 2K15 getting hyped in Allgau's Grasgehren park. They know how to bring the party...

The World Snowboard Day is not just a day which you should spend with all your friends, it's also a day which shows the community of the brands in Grasgehren.

For the World Snowboard Day Grasgehren introduces three new adidas Skate Curbs from UNIT Parktech. Killerfish offers the day pass for all snowboards for 15,50€ and a free BBQ sponsored by Völkl Snowboards.

You can also test the new Völkl boards for free and form your opinion about it. Meckatzer places about 130 liters free beer for all. Wahey!

We are looking forward to celebrate the Word Snowboard Day for it´s sixth time in Grasgehren. For more information visit: