For the eight year in a row, the coastal town Rijeka in Croatia got raided by a bunch of shred-hungry jib kids for the Carnival Snowboard Session.

Just a few meters away from the beautiful Adriatic sea in the south-east of Europe, the event gathered some of the region's best rail riders to battle it out on the setup.

The riders and spectators threw a big 'Fuck you' at the weather gods and continued slaying the setup despite of the nasty rain. In the end it was Nejc Ferjan, Nejc Pucko and Matic Zavodnik who bossed it to the top and shared the 1200€ prize money. Did they spend it all at the after-party? They may just have - we're super bummed we couldn't be there to join them for beers and rakija.

It's always sick to see grassroot events going strong over the years even if times are tough for the industry. Here's to eight more years of Carnival Snowboard Session!