The Burton US Open 2015 Slopestyle competition was one for the history books. Watch went went down in the official highlights edit.

History was made in Friday's evening's Burton US Open 2015 slopestyle contest, with Yuki Kadono pulling out all of the stops in his third and final run, to land the first ever back to back 1620's ever in competitive snowboarding (watch his full winning run HERE).

His run consisted of a switch backside 270 on to 270 out, lipslide to fakie, half Cab on backside 360 out in the upper rail section, into a frontside double cork 1080 mute, backside triple cork 1620 mute, and switch backside triple cork 1620 melon. It was pure insanity.

Mark McMorris had to settle for second place with a run consisting of a frontside triple cork 1440 into a backside triple cork 1440, with fellow Canadian Tyler Nicholson rounding out the podium in third place.

In the women's contest, Jamie Anderson once again exerted her dominance on women's slopestyle, stomping a massive first run to claim her 4th US Open title. Jamie's run consisted of a Cab 270 to tailslide, switch boardslide to regular, boardslide 270 out on the upper rail section, backside 540, Cab 720 nosegrab, and switch backside 540.

Young Austrian ripper, Anna Gasser, who appears to be freshly signed to Burton, put down a super sick run to secure second place, while Spencer O'Brien rounded out the podium in 3rd, stomping a huge backside 900 in her final run.

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Burton US Open 2015 Women's Slopestyle Results:

1. Jamie Anderson (USA), OAKLEY, 90.95

2. Anna Gasser (AUT), RED BULL, 82.55

3. Spencer O’Brien (CAN) , NIKE, 82.05

Burton US Open 2015 Men's Slopestyle Results:

1. Yuki Kadono (JPN), RIDE, 90.05

2. Mark McMorris (CAN), BURTON, 87.80

3. Tyler Nicholson (CAN), ROCKSTAR, 77.20

4. Sven Thorgren (SWE), OAKLEY, 76.80

5. Niklas Mattsson (SWE), ROME, 75.30

6. Eric Beauchemin (USA), US SNOWBOARDING, 71.70