If you've just woken up from your weekend and didn't manage to catch the action on Saturday night - you might not be aware of what went down in the pipe at the Burton US Open this weekend. But don't worry, Onboard is here to get you up to date with all the highs and lows.

This year marked the 32nd Burton US open and there were $45,000 up for grabs for each of the winners at Vail, Colerado - here's how it played out:

Starting off with the mens event - 20 year old US Olympian Taylor Gold took his first title in the pipe with the best run of the day - massive method air, frontside 1260 tail grab, double Michalchuk melon grab, frontside double cork 1080 indy, Cab 1080 roastbeef, and a crippler chickensalad, scoring an 87.63.

Here's what he had to say:

Coming into the event, I wasn’t really putting a lot of expectations on myself... It was a relief to have the Olympic cycle over with. Just having fun here was my main goal, so walking away with this is beyond anything I expected.

Japan's Taku Hiroaka stepped up his Olympic bronze to take the silver and 17 year old Swiss-man David Habluetzel finished 3rd - with Hiroaka also taking the World Snowboard Halfpipe title for this season!

David Habluetzel-USO 2014-MR_3651

In the women's finals - 2014 Olympic bronze medalist Kelly Clark solidified her seventh Burton US Open halfpipe title with a run that included a frontside 1080 indy, Cab 720 mute grab, indy to mute grab, backside 540 tail grab, frontside 900 indy, and a backside air - she notched up a score of 89.33.

If you didn't already know - Kelly is a bit of a pro at this now - with the most wins in US Open history. Unsurprisingly perhaps - she also picked up her fourth World Snowboard Tour halfpipe title this weekend.

Here's what she had to say on the day:

The US Open means a ton to me... I grew up nine miles away from the US Open. It really holds a near and dear place in my heart. If I could pick a contest to win, it would be this one. I'm really happy I was able to put down my run today.


Spanish Olympian Queralt Castellet followed up Kelly to take the silver this year. And Chloe Kim landed her first podium at the US Open with the bronze medal. The 13 year old also became the youngest World Snowboard Tour Overall Champion with her win this weekend!

The best trick award went to Chloe Kim for her switch method and Ben Ferguson for his double crippler. Each rider walked away with $5,000.


Check below for the full results and be sure to click on for videos of the winning runs say it was a sweet week all in all!

Men’s Halfpipe Final Results:

1. Taylor Gold (USA), BURTON, 87.63

2. Taku Hiraoka (JPN), BURTON, 86.88

3. David Habluetzel (SUI), BURTON, 83.23

4. Ben Ferguson (USA), BURTON, 77.93

5. Kent Callister (AUS), LIB TECH, 77.58

6. Gabe Ferguson (USA), BURTON, 73.10

7. Jake Pates (USA), BURTON, 73.00

8. Louie Vito (USA), VIVE, 68.28

9. Christian Haller (SUI), BURTON, 67.38

10. Yiwei Zhang (CHN), MINI, 62.03

Women’s Halfpipe Final Results:

1. Kelly Clark (USA), BURTON, 89.33

2. Queralt Castellet (ESP), YONEX, 85.73

3. Chloe Kim (USA), BURTON, 83.95

4. Hannah Teter (USA), BURTON, 75.03

5. Rana Okada (JPN), BURTON, 67.15

6. Sophie Rodriguez (FRA), OAKLEY, 59.80

[part title="3. Chloe Kim (USA), BURTON, 83.95"]

[part title="2. Queralt Castellet (ESP), YONEX, 85.73"]

[part title="1. Kelly Clark (USA), BURTON, 89.33"]

[part title="3. David Habluetzel (SUI), BURTON, 83.23"]

[part title="2. Taku Hiraoka (JPN), BURTON, 86.88"]

[part title="1. Taylor Gold (USA), BURTON, 87.63"]