Last weekend on the slopes of Špindlerův Mlýn in the Czech Republic the 2011 Burton Špindl Spring Sessions well and truly kicked off.

Saturday as the third and main and the most important day of Burton Špindl Spring Sessions brought the clouds, more than 5.000 spectators concentrated around the finish of the main line, a snowboard race for the general public and a Corner session for accreditated riders. In each discipline, there was a ranking of riders which put them into the order not only in each discipline, but also in overall ranking made by jury consisting from media representatives, snowboard professionals and the snowboard riders themselves.


Let’s check the first day and the snowboard wheel of luck - Skullcandy Trick Countdown. In the competition, there were more than 30 riders in the beginning of the contest. The winner, Ville Uotila, threw down a 1080 and beat his Finish mate Jeppe Ronti, who managed all tricks except for the backflip and Michal Ligocki from Poland, who only didn't land his 1080.

The final order of Skullcandy Trick Countdown:

1. Ville Uotila - FIN

2. Jeppe Ronti - FIN

3. Michal Ligocki - POL

4. Tomáš Tuzar – CZE


Corner Session was the second main discipline counted towards the final ranking of the riders. The Corner was placed at the end of the main line and was super huge with its 12 meters height and 25 meters length. It was definitely a good place to watch the competition as there were many different vertical and horizontal rotations jumped by wide range of riders in excess of more than eight meters. In the end, the best air was performed by Ville Uotila, and the best overall impression went to Jan Zajíc.


There was a Public Spring Sessions Jam at Burton easy park Hromovka which is a regular part of the event every year. This competition is dedicated to amateur riders, who are keen on snowboarding but not as good as going to the regular park with big jumps and kickers with high difficulty. The results we not included in the overall ranking.

Best rider: Tomáš Raiser

Best girl: Kamila Vlčková

Best junior (10-15 let): Lukáš Pobořil

Best kid (do 10 let): Kristián Salač


The overall ranking contains from Friday´s Skullcandy trick Countdown and Saturday´s Corner session, but the most important for the final order was the overall impression from all disciplines and from the main line, which was long about 800 meters and which includes big jumps, kickers, a line for jibbing and a final huge corner. As the organizers and riders agreed, the snowpark was really well prepared and it was possible to perform a big number of different tricks at a high level. “We were building the snowpark for more than a week and we are happy that it was appreciated by the riders and by the crowd, which counted nearly 12.000 people in the three days," said Petr Najman, the head of organization team. Ville Uotila had the same feeling, as he said that it was really nice and relaxing to be a part of this competition, enjoying the friendly atmosphere, spring weather and nice crowd of the people. “I was here for the second time and I really like it. For the three days, I was concentrated on sport, now I am looking forward to the party," said Ville.

Special Prices: Overall results:

1. Pepe Samek - CZE 1. Ville Uotila - FIN

2. Roman Dlauhý -CZE 2. Tomáš Tuzar - CZE

3.Wojtek Pajak - POL 3. Jeppe Ronti - FIN

4. Hans Kestila - FIN Best girl: Anja Štefan - CRO

5. Filip Gutwirth – CZE Best junior: Dušan Kříž - CZE

6. Michal Ligocki - POL

The last day of the event is a Sunday. Usually, the people chill out, do some rides in spring snow, take in the sunshine and relax after the party night.