The sun blazed down on the 2011 Burton New Zealand Open making for a perfect day of Men’s and Women’s Slopestyle Semi-finals. 32 men and 18 women were culled down to 16 and 8 as they faced each other down on the challenging course that included MINI’s Creative Use of Space feature, a double cannon over a gap jump.

The women were up first with an exciting semi-finals showdown where we saw Charlotte Van Gils (NED) come out on top in first place with an impressive score of 87.33. Her run consisted of a Frontside 360 Nosetap, 50-50 to Noseslide, 50-50 Nosegrab, Backside 360 Melon, Frontside 360 Indy to Frontside 720 NoGrab. Right on her heels was local favourite, Shelly Gotlieb (NZL) scoring a 81 on her second run that included a Frontside 360 Nosetap, Backside 50-50 to Backside Lipslide, Boardslide to Fakie, Cab 540 NoGrab, Backflip Melon and Backside 360 Melon. In third was Jamie Anderson (USA) with a score of 78. The top 8 that made it today will advance to the exciting slopestyle finale on Friday August 12th.

Following the ladies, the men kept things cooking as GoPro enthusiast Tim Humphreys (USA) took first place with an outstanding score of 91.33 in his second run of the day. His winning run started out with a Cab Miller Flip leading into a GapCab 50-50, 50-50 Backside 360, Frontside 900 Tail, Switch Backside 720 and Cab 1080 Double Cork. Stale Sandbech (NOR) was close behind with a first run that included a Backside 540 Tailtap, Gap Hardway Frontside 270, Frontboard 450 Out, Cab 900 Melon, Backside 1080 and Frontside 1080 which earned him 91 points. Seppe Smits (BEL) made the top three with a second run of 89.83 while other top riders that made the cut included Sebastian Toutant (CAN), Tyler Flanagan (USA), Christian Haller (SUI), Mark McMorris (CAN) and Gjermund Braaten (NOR).

Women’s and Men’s Slopestyle Finals will be going down at Cardrona Alpine Resort tomorrow Friday, August 12th (well, actually tonight at 11pm CET) followed by the Men’s and Women’s Halfpipe Finals on Saturday, August 13th.

Here's the full list of men's and women's Slopestyle finalists...

Slopestyle Finals Women: Miyabi Onitsuka, Jordie Karlinski, Tomoko Kikuchi, Silje Norendal, Kjersti Buaas, Jamie Anderson, Shelly Gotlieb and Charlotte van Gils.

Slopestyle Finals Men: Christian Haller, Aleksander Østreng, Simen Neraker, Ulrik Badertscher, Roope Tonteri, Fredrik Austbø, Mark McMorris, Gjermund Braaten, Tyler Flanagan, Torgeir Bergrem, Sebastien Toutant, Charles Reid, Brandon Reis, Seppe Smits, Ståle Sandbech and Tim Humphries

You can watch all the action from the Burton NZ Open pipe and slopestyle finals live by clicking that there link. It all kicks off around 11pm CET.