When: Tue 15th of January 2008

Where: Laax, Switzerland

The heat got cranked up in the slopestyle today as Shaun White and Jenny Jones qualified top.

The ladies hit up the slopestyle first and put on nothing short of a killer show. Seriously, there were some full-on hammers being put down by the girls on the poppy booters and some mad style on the jibs. From Torah Bright's bs 5s on the quarter; to Kjersti Buuas' epic fs 7s; to Lisa Filzmoser attacking the big kicker line with spins, the girls were stepping it up in terms of technicality and quality. It was sick to see so many girls putting down solid spins, and they got mad props from the crowd for sure. Yeehaa!

The standard of riding in the guys' semis was simply world class, as you'd expect of a 6 star TTR event. It seemed the whole field were linking some variety of combos in which a 7 was the lowest denominator and 9s every which way were common as muck. And rarely was any of the riding spin to win bullshit, it was just mad tech, mad style. As we hiked our way over we mused that it was a pretty safe bet that Shaun White would win, and we hit the nail on the head there. Dropping last in the field of 40 riders, the White Lightning was just a cut above the rest. Lots of spinning around on the rails punctuated with the bs disaster on the slippery miniramp, he entered the kicker line with fs 10, bs9 and cab9. Bang. No one could top his score in the second run, so he treated us to a run oozing with style. The fs 3 stalefish was a keeper, Shaun, and reminded us of his lap of honour at the Olympics when he did THAT fs 5.

There were a couple of upsets when the likes of Kevin Pearce and Danny Davis failed to make the cut, as did a couple other names you'd maybe think would have got through, but the field is looking solid for the finals, for sure. It would, however, be a brave man who'd put money on anyone other than White taking this mother home.

Pipe semis tomorrow, plus the most important contest of the week: the 10 Star TTR BEO Media Minishred.

Results (top 16 men and top 8 women advance to Thursday's Slopestyle Final)


1 Shaun White USA 2 Tim Humphreys USA 3 Jason Dubois CAN 4 Ville Uotila FIN 5 Antti Autti FIN 6 Chas Guldemond USA 7 Peetu Piiroinen FIN 8 Iouri Podladtchikov SUI 9 Per Iver Grimsrud NOR 10 Kim Andre Eliassen NOR 11 Sami Saarenpaa FIN 12 Risto Mattila FIN 13 Mikkel Bang NOR 14 Charles Reid CAN 15 Sebastien Toutant CAN 16 Joel Lahti FIN 17 Roger Kleivdal NOR 18 Danny Davis USA 19 Kim Rune Hansen NOR 20 Stef Zeestraten NZE 21 Stefan Gimpl AUT 22 Ryan Stassel USA 23 Mason Aguirre USA 24 Markus Keller SUI 25 Stephan Maurer SUI 26 Kevin Pearce USA 27 Arthur Longo FRA 28 Janne Korpi FIN 29 Markku Koski FIN 30 Chris Soerman SWE 31 Alessandro Boyens GER 32 Marko Grilc SLO 33 Fredrik Scuderi NOR 34 Lonnie Kauk USA 35 Sani Alibabic AUT 36 Miikka Hast FIN 37 James Hamilton NZE 38 Zak Stone CAN 39 Nick Hyne NZE 40 Jaakko Ruha FIN 41 Tore Holvik NOR 41 Henning Marthinsen NOR


1 Jenny Jones GBR 2 Jamie Anderson USA 3 Silvia Mittermueller GER 4 Sina Candrian SUI 5 Meri Peltonen FIN 6 Lisa Filzmoser AUT 7 Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas NOR 8 Margot Rozies FRA 9 Torah Bright AUS 10 Lisa Wiik NOR 11 Cheryl Maas NED 12 Vicci Miller GBR 13 Vera Janssen GER 14 Tina Ramholt SUI 15 Sarka Pancochova CZE 16 Elizabeth Beerman USA 17 Claudia Fliri AUT 18 Cecilia Larsen SWE 19 Anais Cettou SUI 20 Julia Baumgartner AUT 21 Alexis Waite USA