When: 6 December 2008

Where: Landgraaf, NED

[All photos: Ueli Christoffel]

This season’s Dutch competition of the Burton AM Tour 2008/09 took place last weekend, the 6th of December, at the SnowWorld Landgraaf. The contest was characterised by a high number of participants from seven different countries and an excellent riding level.

Last Saturday, the 6th of December the SnowWorld Landgraaf hosted an event of the Burton AM Tour 2008/09, one of the most developed pan-European tours for young talented snowboarders. The last stop before the Christmas break provided again an excellent opportunity for 67 competing girls and boys up to 20 years to present their skills on an international stage. Knowing each other from past AM Tour happenings the competitors pushed their performances to the top, affecting the atmosphere in a challenging and positive way.

A sick final followed a highly captivating qualification. During these last two runs the locals seemed to remember the legend of the “Flying Dutchman" and tried to copy the myths of their fellow countryman… The highest airs and the sweetest rotations were shown by the “Captain" himself, namely Sascha Waauff who won the Junior Boys category. He came up with the run of the day consisting of a fresh Backside 720 inverted over the big kicker, followed by a Backside Boardslide 540 off on the Caravan-Box and a 50/50 360 off on the Double-Kink Rail. In the Youth Boys category it was again Mr. Chill Gino Rupp with an insane run who won the third AM Tour event of the actual season. Rachida Aoulad-El-Haj-Amar was triumphant for her second time within the Junior Girls category whereas Milina van Unnik could be successful for her first time in the Youth Girls category. Altogether the Dutch were rocking their home spot with an immense impact and everybody will remember this stop of the Tour as an event where the riders where going high… For sure the legend of the Flying Dutchman has to be rewritten after this awesome show and the new treasure that everybody is after consists of the BEO Package. The highest Dutch mountain was playground for the third AM Tour stop…

After three indoor events the Tour is having a break until the 24th of January when it restarts with its first outdoor contest in Flachauwinkl (AUT).

For more information check out: www.burtonamtour.com