Another edition of the Brits wrapped up in Laax last weekend and, following on from our video megapost of all the action, our homie Harry Mitchell Thompson has fired in this full report and a few snappers.

Sunburn and expensive beer – the funniest Brits for ages" – Matt Walder, photographer and judge.

Despite all this new-age nonsense of ‘video mega posts’ there are still some good old-fashioned words to be written about The Brits which went off last week in the hazy, sun-drenched freestyle Mecca of Laax in Switzerland. The lack of snow tried its best to thwart the best efforts of Stu Brass and Spencer Claridge’s shaping team, but thankfully for them the only event to be affected was the boardercross.

The level of competition at The Brits this year reflected the surging progression currently happening in the sport with riders stomping double corks when compared with the singly inverted versions from last year.


Dom Harington had been on form all week and narrowly missed out on the pipe crown, losing out to Olympian Ben Kilner. But it was ultimately last year’s big air champ Billy Morgan who took home bragging rights by taking top spot in both big air and slopestyle showcasing a sack full of tricks comprising of double backs, double cork 10s, back and cab 9s and proved his worth with his killer rail section on the slopestyle.


The only other male athlete to podium twice was 19 year-old Sam Turnball who double corked a backside 10 in the big air and whose slopestyle outing proved he’s got all sorts of rodeo and 9 combos dialled. Thirteen year-old Rowan Coultas from York, who now spends his time shredding the rad in Mayrhofen placed fifth in the overall slopestyle contest with one of the best rail sections of the day and landed a smooth back 7 and has also got back 9’s in his arsenal.


The female field was relatively small when compared with the boys which meant the same names popping up on the podium rather frequently. But the effortless style of Katie Blundell who took silver in both slopestyle and big air, being one of the few girls taking on the larger kickers separates her from the rest along with Kate Foster, who is somewhat of an old hand at The Brits and her amplitude in the pipe was literally heads and shoulders above the competition. It does however bode well for the future with the majority of the female contestants born in the mid to late 1990s.

So, that’s what went down on the mountain but it’s the festival side which makes this week such a favourite in the calendar of every British snowboard keeno. It’s not just your regular comp, it’s a chance for everyone to catch up with their industry buds, meet new ones and it’s basically all about the friendship.


Australian dance DJ people Pendulum opened up the event at the legendary Riders Palace with a set full of their crowd-pleasing tunes which got some of the punters so stoked they hoisted a guy in a wheel-chair aloft above their heads in what looked like some sort of dangerous crowd surfing manoeuvre.

Ever been to a 3D disco? Do it, it’s pretty out there but it’ll blow your mind especially when a couple of beers have been consumed and everyone’s got those stupid shades on. The highlight of the week on the musical side of things was the performance by the Correspondents whose music has been pigeon-holed as 1920’s electro swing and consists of a DJ and a front man. The front man‘s style is like nothing else on earth, dancing so crazy you’d have to see it to believe sporting a skin-tight cat-suit and singing in what can only be described as a new-age form of Scat, managing to prise the crowd from their customary position of slouched on a chair to the dance-floor - which was quite the achievement.


So, for your chance to check out the winning runs in each discipline check out the super-uber-mega-post from Monday on the Onboard site but to check out a list of all the podium positions have a gander below.

British Snowboard Halfpipe Championships Results


1st Ben Kilner

2nd Dom Harington

3rd Dan Wakeham


1st Kate Foster

2nd Nathalie Silkstone

3rd Becky Menday

Giro British Big Air Championships Results


1st Billy Morgan

2nd Chris Kightly

3rd Sam Turnball


1st India Stephenson

2nd Katie Bludell

3rd Becky Menday

Protest British Slopestyle Championships Results


1st Billy Morgan

2nd Sam Turnbull

3rd Scott Penman


1st Laura Berry

2nd Katie Blundell

3rd Nathalie Silkstone

Trespass Snowboardcross Championships Results


1st James Foster

2nd Max Thidling

3rd Simon Nicholson


1st Maisie Potter

2nd Kate Foster

3rd Rowena Kealey