Blue Parks just wrapped up their 2015/2016 winter season with a bang - two Blue Parks Spring Weekend camps just went down, plus the Finals for Blue Parks Kids Tour 2016!

Steinplatte Snowparks were chosen for their first Spring Weekend camp in the alps. You can have about 20 hits in one run and then a fast, comfortable chairlift to get back on top – perfect for progression! Steinplatte also built a 'backflip' jump for the campers; a poppy table top jump with good airtime, minimum impact in the landing, and off course a slushy landing. This is where the campers were throwing down new tricks every day!


The second camp and last Blue Parks event for winter 2016 was held once again in the famous Kläppen Snowpark in Sweden. Since Klåppen is a very mountain it’s hard to get 20 hits in 1 run, so Kläppen Snowpark works differently. You get about five hits in a run, but you get 50 runs in one hour if you're on it. That also makes the park into another perfect place for progression, it’s crazy fun too.


On Sunday 3rd of April, the last day of the Sweden Spring Weekend camp, it was time for the Blue Parks Kids Tour Final. About 70 riders aged between 5-16 years old battled against each other on a fun and creative park line. Good times, progression and smiling faces, that’s what it’s all about!

Ohhh, and never forget! Launch Yrself!