When: 3-10 February

Where: Defereggen Valley, Austria

Hero of the day: the vehicle to get up the hill again and again and again...

As it was dumping like hell in the Defereggen Valley in Austria yesterday, the O'Neill Big Mountain Day didn't have another competition but a true free riding day in the best pow pow the Austrian weather could have given us.

The whole lot of us mounted a tractor and its hanger to be carried up the closed road to the Defraggn Top Spot and Sattel chalet. Then it was tree run after tree run after tree run the whole day long!! The weather gods wanted to make sure we have the greates fun we could possibly have and let it snow until long in the afternoon. Within minutes the fresh lines were almost completely covered again and the riders made the most of every tree jib, pillow line and the small open powder fields.

According to Jeremy Jones, we had the best snow in the whole world on this day and he wouldn't have wished to be anywhere else but here. Quite a word from the master of the big mountains who has already shredded the most amazing mountains of the world.

Jeremy Jones

When the night fell and even the most eager riders had to accept riding through the trees was no longer safe, the team of Top Spot arranged a nice little party. Apparently some riders like Eric Themel and Xavier de le Rue still had to much energy in their systems (which couldn't be canalised only by drinking and dancing) and went for a few bomp drops off the roof of the Defraggn Top Spot hut. As there had already been a few drinks passed around before, none of them was really stomped - to be fair though there there also wasn't much of a real landing, just piles of fresh snow). They even motivated some of the staff to jump as well and made most of the party guests come outside to watch them in endless snowfall.

Everyone couldn't get enough of the fun tree runs so the tractor was always pretty stuffed

You can imagine how the party went from there....

Today was another free riding day in the resort of the Defereggen valley where we will hopefully see another contest day tomorrow.

Although there also some bad news: Thomas "Beckna" Eberharter decided not to continue the contest because of the old harinated disc that also stopped him from riding the Innsbruck face on Thursday. This means there are only 5 snowboarders left in the race for Big Mountain Pro champ 2009.

Fredrik Evensen

Tomorrow will be another contest on the face of the Leppleskofel in St. Jakob here in the Deferregen Valley -check back for more infos soon!!

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Eric Themel flippin' it

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