As Belinda Carlisle so very nearly said, heaven is a bench on earth. From Woody Allen to Mr. Bean, the trusty park bench has inspired far more unforgettable moments than the Mona Lisa ever did.

Oslo Vinterpark was the setting for 2017’s inaugral Bench Heaven, where pros and joes alike sessioned the living shit out of a bench. Now Fredrik Perry and his crew are back for more of the same - and with the much-admired Benchpress Movie coming out between now and then, everyone wanted a piece of this.

“Seriously, what would you even call the trick at 3.16?"

The assembled riders, including Alek Oestreng and Stale Sandbech, took the Jimmy McIlroy approach to the setup (“If you can dream it, you can do it"). Even if you’ve already seen Alek’s pop shuvit dismount doing the rounds on Instagram, that’s just one of the many tricks from Bench Heaven with the potential to make you spray your screen with aquavit.

Hippie jumps, one footers, shiftys, grabbed railslides, some good old-fashioned techy rail tricks - and that’s just the stuff we can explain. Seriously, what would you even call the trick at 3.16? From the wallie mount to the dab, it’s fully bonkers.

A lot of it’s relatively low-consequence stuff - especially as half the riders found themselves falling with style into quite a comfy-looking seated position - but that doesn’t take anything away from it. This is as good as resort-based contests get.

With spring almost here, we’ve start to get that park session itch - but now Bench Heaven has come along and turned it into a full-blown rash. After all that, we need a sit down.

God Of Bench Heaven: Andreas Grong

"Silkehansken" aka Best Style: Sigurd Lindquist

Bench Angel: Karen

Heaviest Trick: Alek Oestreng

Most Ripped Rider: Markus Rustad

Jeremy Renner-award: Brandon Reis

Best Kid: Cooper Whittier