When: Mon 13th of April 2009

Where: Les 2 Alpes, France

The Belgian championships took place last week in Les 2 Alpes, France. The competition was organised by the Flemish Snowboard Federation (VSSF) and supported by the event Snowjam. Around 2000 Belgian spectators came over to enjoy the contest, party hard, and test 2010 material of the proud sponsors.

Four disciplines were programmed: Big air, slopestyle, halfpipe and boardercross. The week started off well with a very fun boardercross competition with Seppe Smits nailing down the best qualifying time while riding switch! Eventually he also won in his category.

The second day was reserved for the Big air contest. The riders weren't there to sell Belgian waffles, they showed a high level of riding on the difficult, slushy kicker. Again Seppe Smits stood out with cab 1080s, and a super clean backside 1080, grabbed mute from the take-off till the landing!

Also Christophe Reynders showed why he deserves to be part of the international Flow team. With a broken rib he stomped clean frontside 9's. Anthony Smits pulled out some massive cab 9's, which showed that he's back on track after his knee injury.

Unfortunately Slopestyle had to be cancelled due to heavy winds, also the Halfpipe contest suffered from the weather, nevertheless we saw some nice runs, although the amplitude was missing sometimes... Fortunately the PARTEYS donĀ“t need any good weather to become legendary!

Overall 17-year-old Seppe Smits became Belgium's best freestyle rider in Les 2 Alpes,. He won all disciplines and scored most points out of all age categories. Keep an eye on this guy. Make sure to come over next year to see some nice riding out of the land without mountains

Top 10 results overall

1. Seppe Smits 2. Christophe Reynders 3. Anthony Smits 4. Philippe Declercq 5. Tom Goossens 6. Sebbe de Buck 7. Stef van Deursen 8. Maxim Van Zonhoven 9. David Van den Boer 10. Childeric Bogaert

www.scsmag.be www.snowjam.be www.vssf.org