All photos: David Lis

The Allgäu freestyle snowboard scene cast their minds back to the much missed Snowpark Grasgehren with respect, good moods and snowboarding action at its best as Beers N Burgers dropped in on Kleinwalsertal's Crystal Ground Snowpark the other weekend...

On January 13th 2018, Tajo Seefried (ex-head shaper at the Snowpark Grasgehren) invited riders from Allgaü and beyond to the 22nd edition of his Beers'N'Burger Session - this time held in Crystal Ground-Snowpark Kleinwalsertal - to pay tribute to the past Snowpark Grasgehren and to pay their last respects.


Though the location and park setup may have changed from previous editions, there was one most important constant that's been a staple component of Beers 'N' Burgers since day one: a goodvibe session was eased into existence, supplemented of course by a constant dripping of free beers and free burgers.

The weather could not have been better and so more than 200 shredders linked up in the Snowpark in Riezlern to shred together and enjoy the tasty home-made burgers and sink a few hearty beers. The shaper crew at the Crystal Ground completely redesigned the park in the days before and prepared it so it was in prime condition for this highlight. Sick tricks - and there were plenty of sick tricks - were rewarded with goodies by the event's sponsors Ride Snowboards and K2 Snowboarding.


In the evening, this very special day came to a fitting end in the Crystal Ground Chillout Lounge in Loft Oberstdorf until the riders headed to the Hörbar Oberstdorf for an after show party with DJ Stylewars. Props again to the crew for pulling the strings and enruring that, despite the shuttering of Snowpark GG, that Beers 'N' Burgers lives on!

Stay tuned for more, as a video highlights wrapup will be coming in the next couple of days…