Snowpark Grasgehren just celebrated the 20th edition of their famed Beers 'n' Burgers get-together, and it went off as ever. Here's the video...
The concept of Grasgehren is quite simple but always a new and a unique experience.
For more than six years the Grasgehren team's aimed to change and enlarge the set up after every snowfall and create a Snowpark with creative features and a sick railline. They commit the ideas of the locals and represent Snowboarding in its roots.
Snowboarding at GG means free riding and a super clean shaped Snowpark where you share the fun about Snowboarding. Pushing each other, trying something new and chilling out with hommies at the parkbase. We are happy that Blue Tomato and Ride Snowboards offers the new park buildings and invited all shred heads for beers and burger.
The 20th edition of Beers´N´Burger was held with sunshine and a goodies for tricks session. check out the video and mark the 18th March when they celebrate the next Beers´N´Burger Session.