When: Sat 24th of November 2007

Where: Ice Mountain. Comines, Belgium

Bruno Callens shaped his ass off to put a pretty good looking park together, with a uphill box, a line of two kickers, and some other rails and boxes on the side. About 50 riders turned up for the Amateur contest, from France, Belgium and even Holland, isn’t that weird?

The good thing with Ice Mountain, is that the snow stay cold and compact, so the slopes are really fast all day long. It would feel like being in the mountain in January! Glenda and the rest of the team put a lot of efforts into it, so big props to them!

The contest was in three parts: first of, the kids qualifications and the girls, then the over 18 qualis. And after a good food/beer break, it was time for a final, 45mn jam session.

Girls ranking: 1. Evelien Derde 2. Sofie Vanderbroucke 3. Marjolein Heyse

Men's ranking: 1. Julien Morin 2. Thierry Leroy 3. Vibcent Desmecht