When: Sat 1st of March 2008

Where: Damüls, Austria

Like in other parts of the mountains that weekend, the Austrian Rookie Challenge tourstop had to deal mother-nature's fury and anger. The weather conditions went from shitty, to really shitty, to shitty again. However, that did not stop 35 highly motivated riders, representing a total of 8 different countries, even including countries like Greece! A downder on the weekend, was that even the traditional taboggening race had to be cancelled due to storm winds. Instead, the riders concentrated on indoor activities such as the wonderful game of poker or that annoying, but very fun karaoke game on the playstation.

Saturday saw the riders pack their bags and head out into the backcountry to hopefully get some shots in the bag. The hail turned into snowflakes later that evening, and before you knew it, a night rail sesh was going down on a setup consisting of an 8 m downrail and 2 picknick tables.

The weather unfortunately remained sketchy on Sunday aswell. Still, riders went up to the mountain and slowly and cautiously worked their way through all the park obstacles one by one. Even the kicker at the top of the park was sessioned at the end of the day. It was a unanimous decision that the ripper of the weekend was the young Finn Niki Korpela, which got him a wild card for the Wängl Tängl, where he was also seen killing it later next week. Watch out for that kid!

Results Overall winner: Niki Korpela Best Trick: Michi Schatz Best Railtrick: Alex Tank Best style: Marvin Salminar Youngblood: Jesse Augustinus