When: Mon 30th of March 2009

Where: Chamrousse, France

Intercrew became through the years one of the main event in France, for several reasons. First of all, everybody enjoy the easy Jam format. Also everybody likes to ride for their team, and not only for themselves. If you add the good vibe that Bruno Rivoire and Brynild Vuilin manage to bring together, plus a damn creative course, you get a pretty good picture of what went down last week-end in the resort of Chamrousse, close to Grenoble. Finally, Intercrew is one of the most ecofriendly snowboard contest in Europe, so special props for that too, guys!

12 crews attended this year’s edition: the current Intercrew champion and ‘local’ posse Atmo, formed by organisers Bruno Rivoire and Brynild Vuilin, and their Gap buddies JJ Roux, Victor Daviet, Gaby Bessy and Sully Monod. Amongst other snowboarders crews: Bouchkail – including Lucas Benacchio, Hugo Marechal, Meribel’s very own Moon crew, the Petal crew, and some international gangs as well: SCS from Belgium, with their leader Christophe Reynders, an Italian crew, and even some guys from Monaco - SKG crew.

But one other thing was new in this 2009 edition, the appearence of magazine crews. Snowplanet from Spain, Snowsurf from France, Fluofun – French snowboarding website, Method Mag, and of course Onboard accepted the invitation with much enthousiasm. The magazine crew were composed by 4 pro riders, and 2 dudes working for the mag.

The media bums had also their special contest in the contest, were Matt George, Jérôme Tanon, Vianney Tisseau or Rémi Petit showed that they had also some skills without their camera bag. But the main event was muich more serious in the fight for the title – except maybe for the Fluofun crew, who turned up on the park dressed as ballet dancers in fluorescent colors. Props to them for facing the biting cold, and the verbal abuses of MC Stephane ‘Fils’ Routin in top form on the mic.

Six by six, the team were using and abusing a very original course, with two tables in a row, the second offering plenty of possibilities with walls and boxes on each side, on which Lucas Benacchio was boosting some amzing wallrides to BS Rodeos.

On the middle part riders could find a double bowl, a long box, a craddle, a pole and a mailbox! Plus a couple of down rails in the bottom section. Plenty different runs in there, but we’ll highlight the madness of Brynild Vuilin who was gapping the first bowl to a ozonic altitude, before lauching over the wall and tail taping the mailbox on his way down! As the confidence was growing, the odds were tighter and tighter at the top, with Atmo, Moon and Bouchkail stomping pretty much perfect runs after perfect runs. But Onboard didn’t let it go either, with Johan Baisamy, Per Loken and Franck Moissonnier killing it on the first two tables, and Remi Lamazouere being pretty imaginative on the middle and bottom sections.

The last two runs made the difference, as local knowledge pushed Atmo to some synchronised madness in the bowls. They could proudly keep their trophy, even if Bouchkail and Moon crew were that close to bring it home. But as a reward to their spirit and courage to face the cold in tights, Atmo gave their well deserved trophy to the Fluofun team. And guess what? Onboard finished in 4th place, being the best ranked magazine! How ‘bout that, kids?

As always, a snowboard event isn’t complete until the big final party starts… Well it did start, and I’m not sure it ended yet. According to my foggy brain, it didn’t, really. Damn, those southern boys can throw down some heavy stuff, don’t they!

Intercrew 09 results

Best crew: 1- Atmo (Rivoire, Roux, Vuilin, Daviet, Bessy, Monod) and Fluofun (Biau, Gittler, Thomas-Javid, Tanon, PJ) 2- Bouchkail (Benacchio, Marechal and friends) 3- Moon crew (Bebert and friends) 4- Onboard (Lamazouere, Loken, Moissonnier, Baisamy, Scrivener, George) 5- Method (Henzelin, Egli) 6- Snowsurf (Ricciardi, Mounier) 7- SCS (Reynders and friends) 8- Entry (Italy) 9- Snowplanet (Spain) 10- Petal crew (locals) 11- SKG (Monaco)

Media Jam: Props to Jerome Tanon and his one footed hip transfer!

Best Trick: Gaby Bessy - Switch nosepress revert. Olivier Gittler – Banana box 50/50 to Rodeo out.