While there's been no shortage of controversy over FIS competition surrounding the World Champs, here, at the heart of it, is a highlight reel that's truly worth calling an (at least temporary) truce over.

Of course Ståle Sandbech's trio of triple 1440s is to be celebrated, but undoubtedly the big story here is Anna motherflippin' Gasser: adding a HUGE backside double ten to her cab double underflip that earned her a full 100 points and top of the podium. Undoubtedly going on the shelf alongside her X Games slopestyle gold from Norway, and Burton US Open slopestyle gold from the last few weeks alone.

As Ståle calls it, Anna could have easily lost knees with the amplitude she took into her final hit, but stomped it clean instead, helping to raise the bar for ladies comp riding going forward; as well as claiming the first back double 10 in competition after Hailey Langland's cab double at X Games. Justifiably stoked!