Today saw the men's and women's slopestyle finals of the Burton European Open 2011. And boy did we see a good competition. Things started off with the girls, where Jamie Anderson nailed a very stylish first run to claim the slopestyle title. A little later it was the guys that sent it to the moon. Roope Tonteri came out the winner after stomping a nearly impossible run... but we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's start with the exact haps of the women's comp:


From the beginning it was a battle between local hero Sina Candrian and Jamie Anderson. While Sina stomped a front 7 over the third kicker in her first run (the other kicker tricks being a front 3 and a back 3), Jamie countered this run with a back 3, a front 3 and a massive back 1 Japan grab. But it was also her unparalleled style over the upper jib section that gave her the highest score of the day. Sina tried to up her score but unfortunately didn't clear her second attempt at a front 7 in an otherwise flawless run (including a cab 5 or back 3). Of course we grabbed Jamie by her sleeve and forced her to explain how exactly she took home the victory:

The guys were on fire today. Seppe Smits kicked things off with a great front 7, back 12, cab 10 combo over the kicker line. Chas Guldemond followed with an impressive back 10 double, a double back rodeo 9 and a cab 12. Peetu Piiroinen sent it hard in his second run with a cab 7 over the quarter, a back 10 double cork, a back rodeo 9 and a cab 1260 mute grab. This earned him the highest score up till then.


That was, until Roope Tonteri dropped into his third run: He started off with some wizardry over the jib stuff, and then (you might want to sit down for this): a cab 9, a back 12 double cork, and a huge cab 1440 indy grab. Even if you don't know much about competitive snowboarding you knew he'd claim today's title! How did he do it? Let's have him do the talking:

Now if you think this has been awesome check back tomorrow for the halfpipe finals. (Pro tip: watch the webcast!)


Top 3 Women Slopestyle:

1. Jamie Anderson, USA

2. Sina Candrian, SUI

3. Jordie Karlinski, USA

Top 3 Men Slopestyle:

1. Roope Tonteri, FIN

2. Peetu Piiroinen, FIN

3. Chas Guldemond, USA