Last week the AK Extreme in Iceland went down and it was everything you'd expect from it: sketchy, chaotic and basically just pure madness!

Over 8.000 spectators came out to the big air event and considering that Akureyri, the town it was held in, only counts 17.500 people, it means that half of the village squeezed together to watch it take off. Hopefully this level of dedication will catch up on other European events.

Not only loads of visitors but also a fair amount of more than sweet riders made their way to Iceland to try and test out their limits. For the Helgasons it was a home match, which is also perfect because after the party they only had to fall over once to land in their cosy beds.

Viktor Helgi Hjartarson took home the win of the snowboard event and if the level of insanity at the contest was that massive, they for sure set the bar pretty high for the after-party..

If you missed the live stream and the short recap videos just don't quite make it for you, you can check out the whole event in the video above. Skip the first 10 minutes, if you're not into Icelandic commercials (although they are entertaining on a weird level). All hail for the photos goes to Helgi Steinar.