The legendary sketchfest slash snowboarding and music festival swarmed into the Icelandic town of Akureyri the other weekend for another weekender of debauchery and snow stunts. Here's the highlights of the carnage.

Take 10 containers, several truckloads of snow, a bunch of pallets, a host of local rippers and an eager crowd and you have a downtown snowboard event that is as roots as it gets. Don't ask us what the hell that iPhone app is though.

Our Icelandic geezer Geiri fired over the results. These are they...

The results from the sketchy container big jump:

1. Dagbjartur (16 year old local)

2. Einar Stefánsson (Gulli´s cousin)

3. Viktor Helgason (local legend)

Special sending it award presented by Lobster: Heidar. He got a concussion in the mountain but still rode the container bigjump.

On Friday night we did a Jib session with Burn. Hakon won that.

Halldór was injured so we made him head judge of the sketch fest.

Besides that it was three days of mayhem as per usual with Iceland's finest artists at three different venues downtown.