[Videos: Sami Tuoriniemi]

The Air+Style Beijing went off in the Birds Nest stadium once more last Saturday, and our man in Hong Kong was there to capture the hyperhucking of the Super Finals on video.

Though there will doubtless be the "yawns", "where's the style in Air+Style?" and the infamous "I'd much prefer to watch a styled back 1" comments, the fact is that in terms of style this contest has certainly progressed from a couple years back when a never-ending onslaught of back 10 doubles with Mute grabs did come close to sending us to sleep. And, really, with this contest you kinda know what you're gonna be getting when push comes to shove.

But this edition, thankfully, saw the organisers declare they'd penalise repeated rotating in just one direction over and over, meaning dudes had the encouragement to spin every which way, and they were also mixing in a variety of grabs - we specifically remember Sven Thorgren's Cab 12 shifty-shifty Roastbeef, Sage Kotsenburg's ├╝bertweaked cab doubles, and Niklas Mattsson's handdrag back 3 in training and switch Method in the contest-proper being sick.

But, in a big air contest, when it comes to the business end of things there's not much wiggle room for escaping the siren's call of the triple cork these days. While back 14 triple Mutes were on the menu, it was impressive to see both Max and Mark go to the front 14 triple version too, not to mention Yuki's triple 16 and the ever-awesome Thorgren Cab 12 Roastbeef double shifty.

Without further ado, here's the stomped spins from the Air+Style Beijing Super Final...

4th - Yuki Kadono

Backside 1620 Triple Cork [Best Trick Award]

3rd - Sven Thorgren

Backside 1440 Stalefish

Cab 1260 Roastbeef Double Shifty

2nd - Mark McMorris

Frontside 1440 Triple Cork

Backside 1440 Triple Cork

1st - Max Parrot

Backside 1440 Triple Cork

Frontside 1440 Triple Cork

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