Watch all of the top runs, plus some of our personal highlights, from finals day at Air + Style Innsbruck 2015, where Norwegian Ståle Sandbech took the top-spot ahead of Peetu Piiroinen and Yuki Kadono.

After taking a year off in 2014, the Air + Style made a welcome return to the Bergisel stadium in Innsbruck in 2015, with some of the world's best snowboarders showing up to huck themselves to fame and fortune.

We managed to film all of the top scoring runs during finals for you to check out, along with a few more of our personal highlights.

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Air + Style Innsbruck 2015 Results:

1st - Ståle Sandbech (NOR)

2nd - Peetu Piiroinen (FIN)

3rd - Yuki Kadono (JPN)

4th - Sebastien Toutant (CAN)

It was another triple cork victory at Air + Style Innsbruck 2015, with Ståle Sandbech whipping out a picture-perfect backside triple cork 1440 indy in extremely difficult conditions to post the highest scoring trick of the super finals.

With heavy snowfall and speed issues, Stale's triple (with a far more difficult indy grab) was a worthy top scoring trick in our eyes, and was stomped as clean as they come.

Simply put, Peetu Piiroinen is a machine.

Despite the heavy snowfall that rolled in during the super finals, Peetu managed to hold his speed and send a perfect Cab 1260 Double Grab on his third and final run, to post the second highest scoring trick score of the finals.

Yuki Kadono is one stylish Japanese assassin. Yuki pulled it together in his third and final run with a bolts backside 1260 mute that was the third highest scoring trick in super finals.

Peetu Piiroinen also landed a perfect backside 1260 mute during the super finals in his first run.

With such a high scoring first trick, Ståle only needed to land a somewhat solid trick in his third and final run to take the top spot, and being a total boss, land it he did (albeit with a slight hand drag).

With this frontside 1080, Ståle walked away as the winner of Air + Style Innsbruck 2015, and claimed his first ever Air + Style victory. Props dude!

Sebastien Toutant had a bit of a mare in the super finals, scuffing his first two runs, which all but put him out of the running for a spot on the podium. His third and final hit was sick, but sadly was too little, too late.

Check his crazy backside double rodeo 1260 double grab.

British rider Billy Morgan was whipping out these cab triple underflips all day, and although it's definitely one of the easier triple cork variations, is still a pretty cool trick to watch.

And the biggest spin of the day goes to Yuki Kadono!

Although Yuki also landed a backside 1620 in the super finals, this one from the round-before was way cleaner. It's crazy to think that in just a few short years, the 1440's that were once the absolute pinnacle when it came to spinning have been replaced by the 1620.

Is an 1800 even possible?

Pure style from Swede Niklas Mattsson with this frontside 1260.

Roope Tonteri whipped round a sick flatspun cab 1440 before exploding himself while trying a backside 1620.

We think that Ståle Sandbech's cab 1260 melon might just be one of our favourite tricks of the entire Air + Style.

Ståle's really got one of the sickest styles on the planet, from his perfect grab pokes, right down to the way he holds is arms while spinning.

Technical perfection!

Frontside 1440s are hard enough as it is, let alone when you're popping them off the toe-edge. Norwegian ripper and Air + Style Beijing winner Emil Ulsletten stomped a perfect one in Round 3.

This was the trick that Emil Ulsletten won the Air + Style Beijing event with back in December, and although he didn't make it to the finals in Innsbruck, he managed to put it down cleanly in Round 3.

Such a difficult trick!

Mans Hedberg was killing it on both Friday and Saturday, finishing top of the bunch after the qualification stages.

This was one of the tricks that did it for him on Friday - a crazy technical switch back 12 tailgrab.

Niklas Mattson couldn't quite ride away from this one clean, but we thought it was fucking rad regardless. Backside 1260 Japan, tweaked to perfection!

There's nothing quite like a slow, smooth backside 540 and it certainly makes a change when you see one amongst all the hyper-hucking.

Seb Toots put this one down as his Round 3 warm-up run and it's a beauty.

Roope Tonteri hurt his arm pretty bad in his second run of Round 3, and for his last run, opted to keep it mellow and stylish with a perfect method.

It's always sick to see it taken right back to basics in these things, and this was definitely a refreshing interlude.

Heal up fast Roope!