[Photo: Sophie Kirchner]

The Spring Battle in Flachauwinkl's Absolut Park is a week-long contest where riders aim to film their best line through the epic setup the crew have built. 2017's edition is ON, and despite fluctuating weather conditions they've been pumping out the highlights through their ESPN updates... The first couple of days' are below.

Rain, wind and snowfall — it wasn’t the best start for Spring Battle 2017 at Absolut Park Flachauwinkl, but many riders didn’t care about the bad weather and tried to film their first runs. Some of them had arrived a day earlier and taken the chance to adjust to the challenging setup in perfect bluebird.

Apart from many riders from all over Europe, US snowboarders Eric Beauchemin, Brandon Davis, Nik Baden, and Eric Willet were already checking out the course today. For the next days, international pros including snowboarders Jamie Nicholls, Seppe Smits, Aimee Fuller, Yuka Fujimori, and Anna Gasser are expected. Epic times ahead!

The crew are dropping daily 'ESBN' (Epic Spring Battle News) video updates fronted by our boy Henry Jackson, breaking down the format, the haps and the blow-by-blows of this innovative filming contest, so let's cut straight to the ones wrapping up days 1 and 2...

Day 1

Day 2