Last week the Austrian resort of Mayrhofen was yet again the target of the annual festival of carnage that is Snowbombing. And it rocked.

A week of music, partying and snowboarding is the timeless recipe for this epic event, which has been hosted by Mayrhofen since 2005. This year the sun was out, blazing, and although the snow was pretty much non-existent the resort was completely buzzing with an awesome festival vibe.

[Stay tuned for the full edit of the carnage. In the meantime - enjoy the teaser...]

The main snowboarding events of the week happened on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday along with all the habitual drinking and partying that accompanied most things during the week. The Vans and Onboard Junk 'n' Funk was Wednesday’s event which saw a mixture of pros and 'bombers (the adopted name for the rowdy party hounds that make up the festival’s attendees) hitting a small kicky tabletop in a highjump contest with an ever rising bar. Before long the bar was well past head height and it was down to the pros to see who could pop the highest. By around 280cm it was left to the UK's Andy Nudds and Austria's Peter König who were both eventually beaten by a ridiculous final bar height and who had to go head to head for a deciding best trick award on the waterslide. Judged in true Snowbombing fashion with a loudest crowd cheer, König was crowned the winner after a half cab waterslide to front flip out.


The next day was the Hotzone Ride and Seek games Pro Am competition which saw the riders team up with a 'bomber each and session the small kicker next to the waterslide. Each team was knocked out of the comp as soon as the pro in the team fell, and after some slush induced bails it was just down to Billy Morgan and Peter König and their respective partners, with König's team taking the win with a killer high five front flip.

But before the teams were assembled there was what can only be described as complete madness with riders and bombers alike sessioning the kicker and being given on the spot cash money for every bit of radness they were responsible for. There were some seriously stylish back and front rodeo 5's going hand in hand with crazy drunken first time snowboarders trying to huck their first back flip. Yes, you did read the latter correctly and unsurprisingly it was not long before someone was airlifted away. But once the madness was (very slightly) toned down the fun continued and ended in a nudity-filled waterslide sesh in the sun. Perfect.


On the Friday the concluding event of Hotzone's Ride and Seek Game, the Big Air Pro contest, took place despite the diabolical snow situation and luckily only involved fully clothed, fully abled and (almost) fully sober riders taking part, with the exception of a few who had been razzin’ it at Chase and Status the previous night... The kicker itself was not in the best shape with the in run and landings soon becoming rutted and bombed but in the end Peter König completed the hat trick by taking first place with a sick back 9 and a massive double front flip. The UK’s Billy Morgan deservedly claimed second with a back 9 and an insanely huge double back flip and Chris Kröll took third with back 7 and a back 9. A couple of rad gunfire runs later and the huge end of week party had started with MC’s Jon Weaver and Henry Jackson getting all the 'bombers super pumped for the night of hard drinking and dancing ahead as The Prodigy and Fatboy Slim headlined in town.


Special shout outs go to the Israeli rider (deserved winner of the Crazy Fucker award) who, after nearly buying himself a one way ticket to the Pearly Gates with a botched rodeo attempt put in a commendable effort later on and almost stuck it.

And also to the Kiwi who, despite having not slept or eaten for days, continued for probably sixth day in a row to take the party by the horns congo and beer-bong style and ended up having to be helped down the mountain by a mixture of MC’s and riders, too drunk to walk on his own (although not to snowboard!). Mountain safety at its finest. It also goes without saying that he was seen waving his beer bong front row of The Prodigy a few hours later. What the hell is it with guys from down under and being total huckers?

So all in all, despite the summery conditions, Snowbombing 2011 was yet another massive success and every ‘bomber there will no doubt already be booking their tickets for next year.


- Paddy Withams