Check out 10 hammer tricks from the final kicker of the Burton European Open 2015 slopestyle course, shot in glorious slow motion.

The Burton European Open 2015 Slopestyle finals went down today under blue skies, and rather than trying to film the full runs, we thought we'd focus our attention on the final kicker, (aka, 'the money booter') instead.

The money booter is traditionally where some of the biggest tricks are thrown in a slopestyle run, and although this particular kicker was a little smaller than, say, the final hit at X Games, we were still lucky enough to witness some amazing snowboarding.

Hit NEXT to check out the final hits from the top three riders today, as well as a bunch of other highlights from the men's slopestyle finals.

Torstein Horgmo put together a killer second run to leap-frog Niklas Mattsson into the bronze medal position.

Here's his frontside 1080 double cork that was his final hit of that run. We always love watching Torstein snowboard and after a slew of relatively unsuccessful contest results, it was rad to see him on good form today and back on the podium.

Coming off the back of a double gold at X Games, Mark McMorris was obviously keen to carry on his winning streak. Mark put down a solid backside 1080 on the final hit of his 2nd place run, and it's sick how he dips the final 360 degree rotation here.

Ståle Sandbech has been on a real winning streak of late. After taking Air + Style gold in Innsbruck a couple weeks back, Ståle continued his solid form with a huge double crippler off the whale tail feature further up in his run, before putting down this insanely stylish switch backside 1260 nosegrab on his final hit to seal his Burton European Open gold medal.

Props man!

Niklas Mattsson is a beast. This back 12 on the money booter was one of the biggest hits of the day, and the nosegrab makes it all the sweeter.

Local hero Lucien Koch was throwing down today, and although he only managed a 15th place finish, it's crazy how Lucien makes this front 10 look like a 720. Slow, stylish, perfect.

Marcus Kleveland sure knows how to spin fast. The young Norwegian whipped round the only 1440 on the final jump of the entire contest and although he let go of his grab a little early, it's pretty impressive considering the size of the jump.

Is it just us, or do tailgrabs look amazing with frontside spins? Kyle Mack stomped this perfect Frontside 12 double on the money booter and there's something about the axis of his rotation that looks really sick.

It doesn't really get much cleaner than this. Perfect cab 1260 melon from French Canadian stunt stomper Antoine Truchon.

Norwegian style guru Torgeir Bergrem put down this drool-worthy frontside 1080 on the BEO money booter. Textbook style, textbook execution - Norwegian style!

Sven Thorgren has been slaying every feature he touches recently (check his Stubai edit if you needed any more proof), and this back 10 stale is kicker perfection summed up in 13 short seconds.

We love seeing different grabs used in spins and backside + stale = a guaranteed winner.