Ok poker fans! there is just a couple of days to go before the first official snowboard poker tournament by Evil Table happening in Stockholm this weekend. And now is the time to give you a little information regarding the event. Players meet at around 11.30 on Thursday (26th) at Hotel Anglais for a quick lunch and some chat and psyching out. The tournament will start at 13.00 at Klubben. At around 17.00-18.00 when the tournament is over we can go directly to the office of Evil Table where we eat, drink, play on the digital poker table and spend an hour or two together with representatives from different poker sites and media. After a short break at the hotel Anglais its time to go to Café Opera and the FHM party! The party begins at 21.00 and there we will be food and drinks laid on. Later that night the winners will receive there prizes and the money will be transferred to each winner’s Evil Table account. Please use the following addresses if you need further information.