On the 29th and 30th March 2008, the national and international Snowboard Elite will come together again at the NBC Snow Park in the ski resort Hoch-Ybrig, to gamble with all their snowboard tricks and style for extraordinary prizes.

After a 1 year break, the Skate-/Snowboard Shop SigSagSug and the crew of the Natural Born Chillaz (NBC) are proud to announce that on the weekend of the 29th and 30th March 2008, the Ski resort Hoch-Ybrig will be the location for some crazy snowboard trick gambling again!

Over the last couple of years, the Snow-JahZee™ has grown to become one of the most prestigious snowboard contests in Europe. The unique contest format, the high level of riding and the familiar vibes on the mountain, show that the Snow-JahZee™ is a one of a kind, creative and progressive event. Here, the riders must show versatility, perseverance, consistency and also some brains!

For many riders, the Snow-JahZee™ counts to the highlights of the winter and because of last year’s break, the Snowboarders can’t wait to start gambling with their tricks! As for example Stephan Maurer: "It’s awesome, that the Snow-JahZee™ is back again. It is the coolest and most fun contest of the year!"

Besides the Swiss snowboard Elite as for example Markus Keller, Stephan Maurer, Iouri Podtlatchikov or Reto Kestenholz, also a lot of European riders are going to be there. But not only the best and most famous ones can compete at the Snow-JahZee™: The qualification on Saturday is open for everybody (Watch out: only 60 open starting positions). In the end, 20 riders qualify for the final on Sunday, where they are going to battle with the 10 invited pro riders. Let’s gamble!!!

Snow-JahZee™ 2008 NEW: - Saturday: Qualification Snow-JahZee™ - Sunday: Final Snow-JahZee™ - 20 quali riders get into final on Sunday