Yet again Nike have stuck a swoosh up a tried and tested formula, thrown a wodge of dollar at it and thrown open entry to all of us. If racing round burms, over hips, along jibs and all the way to the bank doesn't float your boat then click away now. Otherwise, pop down Montafon for the Snakes and Hammers in a couple of weeks' time and charm the sh** out of the judges.

The idea is to find have a giggle as well as a keeping it competitive, and split the money between the most rounded riders. After Chátel on march 10th, stop 3 of 5 similar events is in Montafon on 24-26th March. Riders are timed as well as judged, amateurs can snake the pros in the line up and win enough to get royally hammered afterwards. Why on earth not?

Check more info at www.snakeandhammers.com