Smokin Snowboards is proud to announce the launch of their 2012/2013 website and online store! As temperatures start to drop and a few more minutes of sunlight get shaved out of every day, winter is fast approaching. The crew at Smokin is getting the itch (not the kind from a sketchy night in Reno) for shredding and our their decks are online and ready to ship to you! Featuring all the tech you have come to expect like Magne Traction, VDFLU, and four distinct rocker/camber options; they have a board for everyone that’s handmade in the USA by snowboarders. New for 2013 Smokin have added PoP Gnarley to our premium and pro model lineup, an eco-friendly pop booster and torsion rod comprised of 100% renewable hemp fiber. "With the best boards we have ridden to date, we couldn't be more stoked for the upcoming season" says Jay Quintin, boss of Smokin... Before going deeper in details about the new site and online store: "Want all the down and dirty on our boards and tech? The new site is jam packed with info on all the shred nerd innovation and implementation we have been dreaming up for this season. For your entertainment pleasure, we’re also pumping out our favorite team edits, photo grabs, and wallpapers to keep you sufficiently digitally stimulated (keyboard drool cover sold separately)! Feeling socially inept? Increase your status symbol and get connected with all your favorite people watching programs. Hit us with a like on Facebook, follow our Twitter, and throw some hashtags our way on your Instagrams to make yourself famous on our homepage and stay in the know on all things Smokin".

New for 12/13: Smokin is now offering discount shipping options to select European countries! Is the Euro severely harshing your deck purchasing power? International tariffs limiting your board selection? Fear not fellow shreds, Smokin is bringing the power of American made snowboards to a delivery guy near you! For all European countries not currently supported by a local Smokin distributor, Smokin is offering flat rate $50 shipping. Allow an additional 6-10 days for shipping, and for just 50 bucks we'll send a board anywhere there's an address. Get what you want, not just what’s around; snowboard buying shouldn't fall under dive bar booty call logic. Hit us up and we will deliver the sexy new snowboard of your dreams right to your doorstep at a price that keeps your wallet stacked with beer money. Smokin Snowboards Worldwide!

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