The images of renowned snowboard photographer, Rob Mathis have filled the pages of snowboard magazines for over ten years, but even in a decades' worth of magazines there haven't been enough pages to capture what Mathis has seen throughout his career. Mathis' answer to this problem is a 240-page hardbound book of snowboard photography called Slide.

Slide documents the top snowboarders in the industry including: JP Walker whose legendary photos are heavily featured in the book, and JP's Infamous teammates Seth Huot and Stevie Bell. Shred icons such as Peter Line and Jeremy Jones are also standouts in the book. Slide takes a behind the scenes look at some of the best snowboard crews to date including the influential Forum 8 and Mack Dawg Production crews from the video release of Simple Pleasures through to the 2007 release of Picture This. Mathis' photos offer a unique look at the rebirth of jibbing and the first urban trips taken to progress the jib revolution. Mathis' shots of the invite only Nixon Jibfest also project the importance of jibbing in that era. But the book is about much more than jibbing, it shows every aspect of snowboarding from tricks off of backcountry booters to lifestyle portraits of the riders.

The book is laid out in an 8x10 format and designed by Jared Eberhardt, who is also the creator of the Burton book Blower. It is available through Rob Mathis' site now and will hit stores in August 2008.