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Signals snowboards main man Matt Hammer dropped us a line about the brand new Signal team movie FUNderful.

We asked Mr Hammer what was the thinking behind FUNderful,

“For me it was about wanting to make a movie that was getting away from what everyone in snowboard film says you have to do and doing what we love to do. About amazing tricks, but also about the family here at Signal and how much fun we have together and love we have for each other. That’s where FUNderful came from, Fun and Wonderful. That’s what snowboarding is for us.

I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy it and the vision was simple. Make it free... Every kid in the world could be able to download the whole movie or smaller versions of the movie over our website."

With a couple of more teasers in the pipeline before its release we can’t wait.

FUNderful is available to download from the Signals website mid October.