The Omni

The OMNI gives it to you with both barrels. Rocker and Camber. Directional and Twin. The best of both worlds.

This board is all things to all mountain riders! Rocker and camber blended together create Wavelength technology, exclusive to Signal. You will never bury your nose in powder again. The Omni has camber between your feet and rocker from your feet out to the tip and tail. The rocker keeps your nose up in powder while the camber provides edge control while you carve. The two meet at a transition point, providing an additional contact point that engages even before the edge. And the fact that the rocker starts at your bindings means that you have less surface area on the snow and, therefore, a faster board!

The Omni is both a directional and a twin board. It's directional in the sense that the nose is longer than the tail. And it's twin in the sense that the tip and tail widths are identical as well as the fact that the radial sidecut meets at the center of the board.

These boards — 150,153,156,159 and 162 — are built with Triaxial glass on top and Biaxial glass on the bottom, Durasurf sintered base material, matte urethane 4160 tops, and carbon torsion bars. The Omni has a "Standard Profile" poplar-aspen blend core. The "Standard Profile" is a regularly tapered core that is thicker between the feet and tapers out as it reaches the nose and tail. There is no need for extra tapering as the nose and tail are already in the air because of the Rocker.

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Dream it, Build it, Ride it! Signal Snowboards continues to evolve both as a brand and a philosophy. We refined how we operate by taking advantage of the traits that set us apart from the competition and we believe you will appreciate our efforts. The end result— we can design, build and ride a new board—all in a single day.

US made snowboards are rare and owning our own factory is a commitment to both the snowboarding community as well as to the larger community. We continue on this path because we've connected with snowboarders like you— by building a brand that builds its own boards.

After all is said and done, the essence of Signal is a labor of love. It comes down to the simple fact that we have to keep doing what we think is right— in business, with snowboards, as humans.

Join us in celebrating our 5-year anniversary. We've come along way and would like to thank you for helping us get there!