Call us a bunch of office rats but we like to watch funny clips, of course only those involving snowboarding. So when we received mail about Signal and Director Jason Farrell shooting the final “Can’t Wait For Opening Day?" Commercial, we could not wait either. The commercial is now airing on Fuel TV. Here is a little background: "Signal teams up with Musician/Director Jason Farrell to create a campaign to get us all fired up for opening day. Limited budgets, tons of packing peanuts, and Jake Olson-Elm having to shave his face at least four times against his will, led to a creative campaign from a brand that is making a difference. The theme? While you’re at work dreaming of opening day, Signal has the dream job of building snowboards."

Look for Signal’s commercials on Fuel TV through December, or you can view them at their website (for all the Euro heads out there). Now go watch it!