Signal seem to have turned the convention of snowboard camber on it’s head, this is rocker like you have never seen it before! On first impressions it looks like the Signal factory guys have been getting high on the resin fumes, it looks bonkers!

The Park Rockers is aimed fully at the freestyle jibber, this board utilises Signal’s exclusive 3-stage rocker system. Stage One is continuous contact which makes the board level through the binding area, allowing you to hold an edge without catching one. Stage Two rocks and rolls up ten degrees into Stage Three, the flat spot.

These elements are designed to give you more confidence when hitting rails, kickers and boxes. Whether you're an average rider or a tech master, the Park Rocker offers more fluid control under a variety of snow conditions, making even the most technical tricks feel effortlessly smooth. Using the same building blocks as the standard Park series this makes the Park Rocker one of the lightest and most controllable jib boards on the market.

Available in 152cm, 154cm and 156cm


Available exclusively from The Snowboard Asylum.

Limited to just 50 units in the UK.